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Muay Thai is not just a martial art, it's a way of life.

Transform your mind and body with Muay Thai in Sydney, Australia – the ultimate martial art that combines strength, skill, and mental toughness to create a stronger, more confident you.

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What are the benefits of training Muay Thai?

BUild A Better You.

Muay Thai can help you become a better version of yourself by making small, consistent improvements every day. By focusing on gradually improving your technique, endurance, and mental focus, you can make steady progress towards your goals, building confidence and discipline along the way. These small improvements can add up over time, leading to significant growth and self-improvement.

Muay Thai Training suitable for All fitness & experience levels

Muay Thai training is suitable for anyone interested in martial arts, combat sports, and improving their fitness levels, mental focus, and self-defense skills. It can benefit both beginners and experienced athletes, and can be tailored to individual needs and goals.


Trainer/Founder Of Sitshoothon, ST Martial Arts & 1774 Muaythai Promotions


All Levels Trainer/Former Professional Fighter Sumalee Boxing Gym

Kru Chet

Trainer/Pad Holder for
Yodsanklai Fairtex


Channel 7 Champion, Channel 3 Champion, Omnoi Champion & Over 200 Professional Muay Thai Fights


All Levels Trainer/Muay Thai Referee at One Championship

Prakaysaeng (Aot)

Omnoi Stadium World Champion 2010, Vigo Stadium Champion 2011 & 2013 Have defeated superstars like Yodsanklai and Orono


Trainer/Promoter 1774 Muaythai Series & Silverback Fight Series


BJJ Head Trainer
Black Belt Under Thiago Braga & Caio Tamura, Legacy Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Hear what our students have to say

Hear from our students on how Muay Thai has transformed their lives through their own inspiring testimonials.

Le Reese Diorr
Le Reese Diorr
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Muay Thai training is an excellent form of mental and physical health. This place is so professional and a great atmosphere with great experienced trainers. Very respectful and friendly. Plenty of parking and the best coffee served.
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Best Muay Thai gym in Sydney. Authentic style Muay Thai lessons, great workout whilst practising correct form. Very friendly and welcoming environment from trainers to students. No-brainer have to come if your considering training Muay Thai.
Adam Dewhirst
Adam Dewhirst
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Staff are friendly and helpful. Coaches are knowledgeable and excellent teachers. Great atmosphere for learning about the skills and culture of Muay Thai or just to get fit.
Ali Yassine
Ali Yassine
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Absolutely perfect, the trainers are very welcoming and it's authentic traditional muay thai 🙏🙏
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At Sitshoothon there is a real culture of belonging. From the moment I walked through the doors I have found that the trainers Airam, Soraya and Nat and the members at all levels are welcoming and friendly. There is a supportive fight team within the gym who are always lifting each other up. The trainers all have beautiful Muay Thai to share. I very much appreciate that Airam and Soraya have created the opportunity for us to learn from our Thai trainer Nat, who inspires us all to give 100% and keeps us fit and strong and happy 🙏
Hugh O'Donnell
Hugh O'Donnell
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Sitshoothon is everything you could ask for in a Martial Arts facility. At any given time you'll find elite professional fighters in the same room as people from all walks of life just looking to get fit without anyone getting any less time or attention from the expert coaching team. The Sitshoothon culture means members soon become part of a big family, despite the training being challenging people love spending time in the gym and being a part of the community. After years of specialising in authentic Muay Thai the gym now has Brazilian Jiu Jitsu so there is something for everyone.